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Nameless: I spent Sh2.1m to treat my bleeding brain; I’m lucky to be alive

By THOMAS MATIKO October 15th, 2018 2 min read

Musician Nameless, real name David Mathenge, has shared details of how he spent Sh2.1 million to treat a brain ailment that nearly killed him last year.

In an interview with a local TV station, the ‘Am I good’ singer revisited the condition that almost claimed his life last September.

Nameless spent two weeks in hospital to treat his bleeding brain, but his wife Wahu kept it a tight secret only known by close friends and relatives.

When reached by Nairobi News for comment at the time, Wahu said it was only good if her husband would be the one to talk about it himself as soon as he got better.


Speculation on Nameless’s health was was a source of numerous rumours in the local media and by the time he was discharged, the story had stopped trending.

The musician recently opened up on the dark period, admitting that he is lucky to be alive.

The singer revealed that he suffered from a random bleeding in the brain. He was at a board meeting with his colleagues at the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) when he began to feel unwell.

“I started getting weird sensation in my throat. I thought if I drink water or Sprite it’ll ease. I felt it creeping into my head. It was bubbling. Then I heard a severe headache. It was not a normal headache. I was holding my head because it felt like it was going to explode. People who were in the boardroom were like hey are you ok? I told them I am not feeling good and I need to leave,” Nameless recounted.


Fortunately, his PRISK colleague rapper Nonini and gospel singer Daddy Owen rushed him to Nairobi Hospital and later transferred to Aga Khan University because the former lacked beds. He was immediately admitted at the High Dependency Unite (HDU)

“The bill eventually came to Sh2.1 million. Lucky for me I had an insurance cover that took care of this,” he added.

The father of two said the experience made him appreciate the little things in life.

“We focus so much on trying to hustle and make money at the expense of our health”