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Nameless: My love for Wahu endures after 12 years of marriage – VIDEO

Singing couple Nameless and his wife Wahu dated for eight years before getting married. And after a total of 20 years together, the love is still as strong as when it all started

Nameless, real name David Mathenge, told NTV’s The Trend on Friday that his love for his gorgeous wife Wahu Kagwi has never faded.

“It’s been eight years dating and 12 years of marriage. We know each other inside out and we are still learning each other,” he added.

He confessed that during their courtship it was not always smooth.

“There were days where she would tell that she doesn’t want to see me.”

They would eventually find a way to work things out.

“Our foundation is pretty strong and we have weathered very many storms but the good thing is she understands my pressure and I understand hers.”

He noted that the only disadvantage with being in the public eye is that people are always looking for a story and if they can’t find one they will create one.

The father of two is known for hit songs like Sinzia, Salari, Sunshine, Karibia, Coming Home, African Beauty and many others.

He is currently riding high with his latest single Inspire.