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Natalie Tewa on her marriage, kids and relocating to the UK

In a surprising turn of events, Natalie Tewa, the popular lifestyle influencer, announced her engagement, leaving her fans and followers in awe.

She revealed that her partner’s proposal took her completely by surprise, filling her with immense joy.

The lucky man, Francis Mugane, her fiance, is also an influencer in travel, fashion, food, live events, and even deejaying.

Natalie recently engaged in a QnA session on her YouTube Vlog, delving into her future plans of marriage, children, and potentially relocating to the UK to be with her beloved.

Content creator Natalie Tewa. PHOTO| COURTESY

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When asked about the desired age for having kids and how many, she said, “To be honest, I could have kids now. Like, I’m kind of like if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I’m not mad. If it happens right now, it would be good. Next year would also be okay. The other year would also be fine. I’m not pressed for it, but it’s a nice thing, and I definitely do want kids.”

Natalie shared her biggest fear in life: “I think just the biggest fear in life for me is having a very dysfunctional family and bringing up kids in an unhealthy environment. For me, that’s such a big deal. And then also, like being unhappy, you know?”

Natalie noted, “How you just look around and you’re like, ‘Man, did I do all this just to be unhappy?’ So, I think that’s a really, really big fight for me because I really just want to have a simple thing. I want a happy family. I want to just have enough. I don’t want all the money in the world, to be honest. It’s not my goal. But I do want to be happy, to have enough to travel, and to bring up kids who have good values. That’s what I want.”

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Content creator Natalie Tewa. PHOTO| COURTESY

When it comes to managing their relationship despite the geographical distance, Natalie explained, “We just have like set days, set months in the year where we’re like, ‘Okay, this month is for travel, this other month is for travel.’ So, you budget according to that, and then you also know, like, ‘Okay, I’m coming to spend a month with you,’ and then sometimes it comes for two months. So yeah, that’s how we manage.”

Regarding the possibility of relocating once they are married, Natalie responded, “We’ll see.”

As for cosmetic surgery, she admitted, “I haven’t, I genuinely haven’t. I’m only starting to learn about cosmetic surgery now and trying to understand what people can actually do.”

She added, “I’ve never done botox, any injections, even the IV thing I see people doing, it’s like a vitamin thing. I’ve never done it. So, I’m one of those babes. I’m afraid of chemicals in my body. I’m afraid of weird things that I’m not sure about. But maybe after children, maybe I can consider.”

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