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Exclusive: Trevor Ombija – Why I named my son after myself

Citizen TV journalist Trevor Ombija is embracing fatherhood as he announces the birth of his son, who he proudly named after himself.

Taking to his social media platform, Trevor expressed his excitement and shared the significance of passing on his name to the newest member of his family.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Trevor opened up about his aspirations for his son and the desire for him to surpass his own achievements.

“I consider myself a reasonably okay human being, and I was hoping he would take after me, including in demeanor and character.

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And hopefully, when he grows up, he will be much better than me. That is what I pray for,” Trevor shared, reflecting on his hopes for his son’s future.

The proud father emphasized that every parent’s dream is for their children to exceed their own accomplishments.

By naming his son after himself, Trevor sets a baseline for success, aiming for his son to reach greater heights.

He acknowledged that his own achievements might not be viewed as significant by many, but he wants his son to build upon his accomplishments and strive for even more.

“The future is still bright for me, and whatever I achieve, I want it to be his baseline of what he can achieve in the future. We are starting at the non-reducible minimum, and that is why I named him after myself,” Trevor explained.

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Regarding his decision to initially keep the news of his son’s birth private, Trevor spoke about the importance of maintaining a level of privacy.

However, he also recognized the significance of acknowledging his son’s presence and ensuring he felt valued.

“It is important to keep these things under wrap because, at the end of the day, nobody truly cares. At the same time, the reason I posted that photo today is that I do not want him to grow up and think I was not proud of him,” Trevor expressed.

He emphasized that as his father, it is his responsibility to protect his son while also celebrating his presence and achievements.

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