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Here is what you need to know about Jamhuri Day’s military parade

The Kenya Defence Forces has broken with the strict tradition of witholding information on its activities during public holidays and offered educative information on its scheduled parade during Monday’s Jamhuri Day celebrations.

The break down was shared on Twitter.

The Jamhuri Day’s celebration are usually reserved for the trooping of colours by various units of KDF.

“The history of Trooping the Colour is as old as formation of armies in the 17th Century originating in an old Guard Mounting Ceremony. At the old Guard Mounting Ceremony, the Queen’s Colour symbolised the country’s sovereignty,” stated the military.

At Kenya’s Independence, the colonial Queen’s & Regimental Colours were superseded by today’s Presidential and Regimental Colours respectively.

“The Colours symbolise the spirit of the Regiment for they bear battle honours and badges granted to the Regiment. Battle Honours and Badges are granted to a Regiment in commemoration of gallant deeds performed by its soldiers,” stated the military.

“The colours are the highest honour of any Regiment/Unit and are well guarded & treasured; its loss leads to disbandment of the Regiment/Unit. All infantry units and bases are presented with both Presidential & Regimental Colours.”

“Presidential Colour is trooped when a unit/base performs national ceremony and C-in-C/foreign head of state is honoured with Guard of Honour.”