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Ngilu escapes unharmed, former Mayor killed in Kitui riots – PHOTOS

By THOMAS WAITA December 16th, 2016 1 min read

Former Lands Secretary Charity Ngilu escaped unharmed on Friday in Kitui town where she had gone to calm down protesting traders and residents following the demolition of kiosks in the area.

Former Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi was crushed to death by a fire engine that had ploughed into the protesters.

The driver of the fire engine was trying to scare away protesters who had threatened to torch another county government vehicle which was passing outside Kitui Central police station. He ploughed into the crowd killing Ms Mwangangi on the spot.

Ms Ngilu escaped being hit by the fire engine by inches after she was shoved aside by her bodyguard.

Area MP Makali Mulu also escaped death by a whisker after protesters roughed him up after mistaking him for an officer of the county government.

The riots in Kitui town. PHOTOS | COURTESY
The riots in Kitui town. PHOTOS | COURTESY

The lawmaker’s bodyguard was forced to draw out his gun to scare away the surging crowds that was baying for the MP’s blood.

The MP was whisked into a nearby building where he stayed under a heavy guard until the protesters dispersed.

Trouble started at dawn when the traders woke up to find their kiosks flattened by the county government.

They blocked the Kitui-Thika road and lit bonfires, paralysing transportation and business in the town for more than three hours.

The traders demanded compensation from the county government.