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Night fire leaves hundreds homeless in Kibera slums

Hundreds of residents of Kibera slums in Nairobi have been left homeless after fire razed their houses on Tuesday evening.

Kibra Sub-county Police Commander (SCPC) Michael Muchiri confirmed the incident to Nairobi News in a phone interview.

“We thank God we have no death or any injuries but the residents have lost everything they had. The fire has burnt down over 2 acres of land. That in Kibera is a space occupied by more than 500 houses,” said Muchiri.

According to the SCPC, it took the effort of more than seven fire engines to put out the fire.

The cause of the fire was not immediately established, but the police suspect it may have been caused by an electrical fault.

“We are still investigating the cause of the incident, but most of these fires are caused by illegal connections of electricity, which are very common in Kibera,”said the SCPC.