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Nini Wacera to feature in Desperate Housewives Africa series

Actress Nini Wacera has broken boundaries to be the only non-West African star in the “Desperate Housewives Africa” cast.

Nini, who plays Bree van de Kamp in the African version of the Hollywood drama series, is giving fellow actresses a run for their money in how she executes her role.

The tv series premiered in Ebony Life channel on DStv in April 30 and is now on its third episode.

It tells the story of six housewives through the eyes of a dead neighbor who committed suicide in the first episode.

The show has received an equal measure of praise and criticism, with critics arguing that it lacks creativity like the original series.

Those in support of the production say that it will give Africans a chance to tell their own version of housewives drama.

The cast has been criticised for featuring many Nigerians, a matter the production company said was beyond their control as they had open auditions.

They blamed actors from other regions for failing to show up for auditions.

The Ebony Life TV co-production with The Walt Disney Company advertised for cast auditions in December 2013.