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Njugush and wife imitate Riggy G’s morning walks

Comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye have imitated Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Dorcas Rigathi’s morning walks.

In a post on their socials, the content creator shared a photo of him walking alongside his wife before dawn, a replica of what DP Gachagua has been doing the last two days.

Dressed warmly, in a hoodie, a cap, and a pair of sports shoes, holding a rungu in his right hand, Njugush took each step copying DP Gachagua’s walking style.

On her part, Wakavinye also accompanied her husband dressed similarly to the second-in-command’s lady Pastor Dorcas. She did not miss the hands in the pocket style.

“I woke up early today and walked with my wife across Ruiru village for 180 km, taking us 4 hours. It reminded me of journeys made in the seventies. We ate hot steaming maize for boiro,” he wrote.

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Similarly, DP Gachagua, over the Easter holidays, was in his hometown and in his morning walks with his wife, the second-in-command posted, “Early this morning, Pastor Dorcas and I took time to walk through the larger Mt Kenya Forest to connect with Mother Nature and appreciate God’s creation.

The 18 km journey took us through Hombe Forest in Mathira Constituency before getting into Kabaru Forest in Kieni Constituency.”

He added, “My journey through the thick forest was very nostalgic; my late father and mother spent over 10 years in the same forest during the liberation struggle of driving away the white colonialists from our land.”

On Good Friday, DP Gachagua shared, “I woke up early this morning to visit my Auntie Gladys Gathoni. As I walked to her home, which is 8 kilometers away with my wife Pastor Dorcas, it brought back memories of similar journeys I made to her home in the seventies to get yellow passion fruits.”

He also noted that he met with village mates they grew up with. “My Auntie prayed for me, blessed me, and treated me to a heavy breakfast of boiled maize and porridge.”

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