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WATCH: Njugush’s sarcastic meme on mega corruption in Kenya

Kenyan celebrities are now using their platforms to speak out against the endless cases of mega corruption that keep emerging in the country.

The latest personality to add his voice to the debate is comedian Njugush, who has uploaded a video on his social media platforms telling it as is.

In satirical meme, the comedian assumes the persona of a corrupt Kenyan politician questioned why the citizens are mad that public coffers are being looted yet during elections they vote along tribal lines without questioning the integrity of leaders.

Njugush goes on to cite examples of how some Nairobians travel to upcountry during elections and when the leaders elected in Nairobi fail in their mandate they start complaining and criticising them.

His sentiments were supported by many online users who urged Kenyans to put end to tribal politics once and for all and vote in credible leaders in future.

Musician Suzanna Owiyo too added her voice to the debate by calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to make good his threat to corrupt government officials and ensure they face jail terms and all the looted funds recovered.

In a series of tweets, Ms Owiyo declared the country a ‘hotbed of cartels’.