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Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba spared six month suspension

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba has been handed a stay of execution after the Senate tmporarily stopped a motion seeking her suspension from the house for six months.

This follows orders to stop debate on a report that proposed her suspension from plenary and committee sittings.

The report was prepared by the Senate Committee on Power and Privileges that is chaired by Speaker Amason Kingi.

The committee faulted Ms Orwoba for disrespecting the officers of the Senate led by The Clerk Jeremiah Nyengenye.

Ms Orwoba is alleged to have made unsubstantiated claims of sexual advances and disrespecting the officers.

However, this is not the first time the nominated senator is attracting controversy.

In February 2023, the politician was kicked out of a Senate Plenary session for wearing what appeared to be stained attire.

Senator Orwoba had attended the session in a white blazer, green top, and a matching white trouser that was however seemingly spotting a red stain.

The matter was raised on the floor of the House on a point of order by fellow Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda, who sought directions from Speaker Amason Kingi on the dress code.

Senator Mutinda described Orwoba’s dressing as “inappropriate” and “indecent”, going ahead to even assert that she was disturbed as a fellow woman.

“I stand seeking guidance on the Speaker’s rule number 5 in regards to the dress code, and I need to seek advice if Senator Gloria is appropriately dressed for the House,” she said.

“As a woman and a Senator, I find it very uncomfortable, very inappropriate, for our colleague Senator Gloria to step in and you don’t understand if she’s on the normal woman cycle or it is faking it, and it is so indecent. It disturbs me, as a woman, on what we indicate out there to our younger generation that looks upon us on how we dress, as leaders, in this House. There is a better way to bring this out.”

At the same time Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was also kicked out of parliament for shouting at Deputy speaker Gladys Boss Shollei.

The vocal MP was kicked out after he caused a scene during a discussion of the leadership of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA).

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