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ODM communications chief hospitalized after being ‘pepper sprayed’ by unknown assailants

ODM Director of Communications, Phillip Etale, has been discharged from Nairobi Hospital hours after he was reportedly attacked by unknown assailants who sprayed a strong substance on his face.

Mr Etale, a career journalist, says he met his attackers at around Nation Centre within Nairobi’s CBD on Monday night as he was going home shortly after enjoying a meal with friends at a popular eatery.

Narrating the ordeal via Facebook, Etale says the incident made him “nearly give up on life.”

In his account, Etale, in the company of friend, was heading towards I&M building where his car was parked having parted ways with two other friends when a small saloon car drove by and as he stopped to let it pass, one of the occupants of the vehicle sprayed some strong substance on his face, directed into my eyes. The car then sped off towards Total gas station on Kimathi Street.

Stunned and confused Etale carried out for help and his friends immediately rushed to his rescue. He was later admitted and treated at Nairobi Hospital before being discharged in the wee hours of Tuesday.

The incident left Etale with many unanswered questions as to the motive of his assailants.

“Dear friends, I asked God many Questions including ‘WHY ME?’… God has been so faithful to me. I don’t know the intention of the people in that Saloon car but God will reveal to me some day. The doctor said it was highly concentrated pepper spray that people with bad intentions use on their targets. I feel pained. I feel harassed. I feel targeted. I feel so so BAD,” he wrote in lengthy Facebook post.

Nairobi News could not immediately ascertain if this incident had been reported to the Police.