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Social media ‘nutritionists’ explain why it’s ‘OK’ to donate beer to starving Kenyans

The beer donation by a Chinese company to Baringo residents has excited Kenyans online.

Users instantly turned into nutrition experts explaining the benefits of beer to starving human beings.

In the reactions, some users seemed to share similar sentiments as those expressed by Baringo residents after the donation that getting high would help them forget their troubles.

Benefactor Chuanshan International Mining Company director Han Ke said he made the decision to include beer in the food donation because the villagers enjoy liquor.

Mwangi Mubea commented online, “Scientifically three beers are equal to one chapatti.”

Simon Mbugua wrote, “Come on, beer contains the sugars that are good source of energy. ????.”

Lizzy Chialo stated, “Beer is good for relaxation in the face of hardship. I see nothing wrong.”


Eliakim Otipo added, “Beer contains 100% happiness ingredient.”

Jeff Mugambi commented, “Beer is good for opening intestines for a person who has starved.”

Mary Wangari wrote, “Aaaaaaaalriiiiight. Wacha katambeee!!!! It seems beer is a source of laughter.”

Rose Allan stated, “By the time they wake up from hangover all the land and cattle will be gone.”

Boniface Ombati commented, “Nobody wants to die sober.”

Mwenda Karimo wrote, “See how happy and joyous the people are. You can never know happiness that comes with beer until you taste it ???”

Edwin Chemoiywo added, “Beer is good. When hungry, take it, its just yeast and carbohydrates.”

There is evidence to support their claims.