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Oppo announces partnership with PUBG Mobile

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has announced its Reno5 has been selected as the official smartphone partner for the PUBG Mobile Middle East and Africa Esports 2021.

The Oppo Reno5 was selected for its extraordinary gaming hardware and software that deliver an exceptionally immersive and fluid gaming experience.

According to YouGov Mena, a global market research firm, the Middle East is home to the fastest growing online gaming population in the world with a growth rate of 25 percent.

The region’s gaming community is also the most engaged, and displays a passion and energy for adventure, attributes who are shared by Oppo Reno series’ target audience of young creators.

As the official smartphone partner of PUBG Mobile Esports in the Middle East and Africa, Oppo said it will play an active role in the firm’s Esports championships to run throughout the year.

The Chinese tech firm said the partnership is in line with PUBG Mobile’s plan to develop regional talents by building a well-defined structure for Esports, hence forging a clear path from grassroots to amateur to pro-league levels.

Oppo said it had innovated the Reno5 series’ latest smartphones for a superior gaming experience with features like Gaming Shortcut Mode, Gamer Mode, Bullet Screen Messages and Adjustable Gaming Touch to totally immerse users in entertainment.

“Oppo’s strategy is focused on engaging with our users’ passions. In line with the huge popularity of mobile gaming in the region, we invested in bringing the ideal gaming platform to our customers through our latest Reno5 series of smartphones. Being selected by the region’s leading gaming company as the designated smartphone for PUBG MOBILE Esports, is a testament to the extraordinary and immersive gaming experience offered by the Reno5,” said Ethan Xue, President of Oppo Middle East and Africa.

“At PUBG Mobile, we’re committed to bring the ultimate fun and enjoyment for passionate, adventurous trendsetters and Esport enthusiasts. Leveraging on our experience and expertise in Esports, we’re thrilled to join hands with Oppo to enhance the ever-growing mobile gaming landscape,” added John Lacey, Head of Tencent MENA office.