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Passaris unleashes fury over drunk hospital staff – VIDEO

Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris was on Thursday night confronted by a drunk hospital staff at St Mary’s Hospital in Lang’ata.

Passaris, who had visited the hospital to help a detained patient clear the bill, met the staff at the corridors.

Moments later she was confronted by the staffer on her way out.

Passaris questioned what a drunk staffer was doing at a health care facility at night.


At the cash office she had inquired who was in charge of the team working on Thursday night but the cashier said the in charge was not around.

“What is he doing in the facility if he’s drunk. He is an employee, he is drunk, he’s confronting me, you are security, you have let him go in,” a video posted on Twitter captured Passaris asking the security officers outside the facility.

Passaris had during her midnight visit paid a Sh25,000 bill for a detained patient and promised to clear the balance in the morning.

The patient, a new mother and her child, have been at the facility for three weeks after they were discharged on November 19 since the father of the child had only paid Sh35,000.


“I came with the money that I had raised and asked the finance officer to allow me to pay the balance in weekly installments but they refused,” the new father explained.

The father of one reached out to Passaris for help and the woman representative questioned why the mother was not enrolled on Linda Mama as she already had an NHIF card.

The father said he did not know he needed to activate it and the hospital’s cashier was unable to explain why the activation was not done upon admission.

St Mary’s Hospital does not appear in the list of Linda Mama hospitals published on the website of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).