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Kivutha Kibwana schools fellow governors how to spend a ‘paltry’ Sh135m on big projects

Kenyans online have been pleasantly surprised by Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s revelation that he only used Sh135 million to build a modern Mother and Child hospital with a capacity to accommodate 120 adults and 80 neonates.

As if that’s not enough, the governor also added that the money was not just used for the construction of the facility but also to fully equip it.

“For a cost of Sh 135 million, both construction and equipping, the Mother and Child hospital will be able to accommodate 120 adults and 80 neonates at a time,” Prof Kibwana tweeted.


Although this is not the governor’s first major project, what has caused a chatter on social media is the little amount of money used for the execution and completion of the project.

Kenyans couldn’t stop talking about how other major projects undertaken by either by the national or other county governments usually run into billions of shillings.

“Believe it or not, our government paid Sh1billion for these painted containers, the hospital on the right cost Sh.135million. At a discount, the government would have built 10 of these 120 bed hospitals, fully equipped. Well my sister was part of the scam,” Corruption Tracker tweeted.

“No way Mr Governor, air (God given) at NYS costs 59M,” ItsEnm said.


“For the leaders who are always talking about billion-shilling projects, see what only 135 M can do!” Kasomoz wrote.

“Prof kibwana’s resilience and refusal to dance to the whims and threats from inept, selfish and greedy MCAs is now bearing fruits. Counties should visit Makueni for benchmarking and stop misusing public resources in the name of foreign visits for the same. Kudos prof Kibwana,” Benson Naibei commented.

“Meru county feel tagged wish @governorkibwana we exchange you na hawa watu wanapewa 900m for stadium alafu inakaa tu nyumba ya mbuzi,” Lawitourist wrote.

“In other counties, the 135m would have been the cost of feasibility study and bench-marking…. People of Makueni are lucky,” Wasike Dennis said.