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Why clip of Waititu’s introduction of county officials has gone viral – VIDEO

A video of Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu introducing his county officials to President Uhuru Kenyatta has gone viral online.

The video, which has a rather unorthodox introduction session, has been shared widely with users discussing the Waititu style of introductions.


The governor wittily squeezes an opportunity for his team to shake President Kenyatta’s hand and he quickly mentions their academic qualifications one by one.

Some users noted that the governor, who has in the past had his academic qualifications under scrutiny and criticism, is not afraid of acknowledging his team of professionals.


Others questioned the chaotic manner in which the officials emerge, some even behind the President’s chair for the unexpected handshake.

The President was attending an award ceremony for recovered alcoholics who had successfully completed the “Kaa Sober” programme.