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Phillip Karanja: Dad’s loss inspired me to succeed in film production

Renowned Kenyan director, Philip Karanja, says he was inspired to join film production after losing his dad.

Speaking on Man Cave, the film savvy director added he started climbing up the ladder after his father passed on.

“My dad passed away in form 2 and it was a blessing in disguise. I used to do well in school not because I wanted to but just to impress my dad,” said Phil.

“My mum is a bit more laid back and she would let me do what I want. When my dad passed I started flourishing in arts,” he added.

The former Tahidi High actor further revealed how his KCSE grade propelled him to pursue a career in film which he was quite passionate about.

“I got a C plain in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). That was not good enough in my family as my siblings sc0red A’s. People who score As never get the chance to choose what they want, if you want to pursue your passion you have to fail in your secondary exams.”

He also recalls how he struggled a lot with self-doubt, and his biggest challenge throughout his career had been a lack of self-confidence.

“I never used to believe in myself. I used to overwork myself just to prove that I am good at what I do. Even when I won awards I still doubted,”

Being in the limelight, the director opened up on how challenging it is trying to balance work and personal life which is something he still tries to do to date.

“Through my 20s I was working and that means I have no social life. I used to work at ‘Tahidi High’ and shoot ‘Mother-in-Law’. When I find myself not working on weekends I stay at home because I do not have friends,”

Having risen into stardom for his role in the former Citizen TV show Tahidi High as ‘Melvin’, Phil slowly made a name for himself in the film industry and later ventured into production rather than screen time. The actor is married to famous thespian, Kate Actress whose real name is Catherine Kamau. Together the couple has sired a daughter, and have a son who is a product of Kate Actress’ previous relationship.