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Police arrest three women for selling bhang in Uthiru

Police have nabbed five people, including three women, who were believed to be selling bhang from their hideout in Kiambu.

A police report seen by Nairobi News reveals the five have been engaging in the business for over a year.

They were identified as Shadrack Langat, 22, Josephat Chirchir, 24, Gloria Silantai, 19, Loreen Gathoni, 20 and Daizy Chebet, 20.

“Officers from Uthiru police station under the command of the Officer Commanding Station, acting on a tip-off from members of the public that some men in a rented house within Ndumbuini Estate were selling bhang. Upon visiting the house they conducted a search and recovered 24 kilograms of bhang packed in small sacks with a street value of Sh150,000,” the report read in part.

The five who were nabbed in the house will be charged for the offence of drug trafficking.

Mr David Maina who is the owner of the house is yet to be nabbed for interrogation by detectives in Kabete police station.

Being in possession of bhang in Kenya is still illegal despite a move by the United Nations’ Commission eliminating it from the most dangerous drugs.

National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) Kenya’s position in recognition of cannabis potential for abuse and the obvious health risks as well as the heightened level of abuse both globally and nationally still remains.

It said in its latest statement after the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that usage of the drug was not dangerous that Kenya did not support any of the recommendations and instead advocated for the retention of cannabis plant and cannabis resin in both Schedule 1 and four of the 1961 convention.

“Kenya is at liberty to tighten its controls on cannabis or any other substance despite the global vote to delete cannabis from schedule 1 and four of the convention. As such, all is not lost, the leash is still in our hands,” Nacada said in the statement.