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Police officers who died in gunfight were best friends

By FRED MUKINDA February 23rd, 2017 2 min read

Two police constables who died on Wednesday in Nairobi during a fight were best friends, while a third who survived with injuries was their acquaintance.

According to colleagues, the trio worked together as undercover officers at Embakasi police station until they were separated a few months ago in a routine transfer.

Patrick Kihagi shot his colleagues using his police firearm. He then pointed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

James Makokha was shot in the chest while Dominic Ng’etich survived with bullet wounds in the shoulder.

Shortly before the 12.45 am shooting, Kihagi called his friend, Makokha, and asked that they meet near Crow Daddy bar in Tassia, Nairobi.

The two were spotted at a joint behind the club that is known for selling Shisha. Moments later, they were joined by Ng’etich.


“Ng’etich and Kihagi had issues before and so an argument arose between them. Kihagi shot Ng’etich in the shoulder and, as Makoha was trying to disarm him, he shot him in the chest. On realising he had killed his friend, Kihagi shot himself in the head,” another officer told the Daily Nation.

When they worked together, the three were attached to an undercover unit code-named Spiv at Embakasi police station.

Officers in that unit usually don’t wear police uniform since they spy on, track and confront criminals.

While Makokha was transferred to the national police headquarters, and Ng’etich to the Kenya Airports Police Unit at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kihagi remained at the Embakasi station as an undercover policeman.

He was on duty that day until midnight when his shift ended. After the shooting, the injured officer is said to have run away and was taken to hospital by a motorcycle rider.

The shooting was reported by a witness to other officers on patrol.

“A report of the shooting was made by a member of the public that there was an officer who was shot and was being treated at Bliss hospital. The duty officer visited the hospital and found the injured colleague who had a bullet wound in the right shoulder,” the police report said.