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Police launch investigation into death of Khalwale’s worker

By Mercy Simiyu January 31st, 2024 2 min read

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has described as ‘baseless and false’ claims the death of his farm manager Kizito Moi had a suspicious touch to it.

Khalwale, a seasoned politician, maintains the deceased was gored to death by his bull named Inasio at his Malinya home in Kakamega County.

Khalwale, a second-term Senator and close ally of President William Ruto, now says the move by authorities to investigate Mr Moi’s untimely demise has forced him to postpone the deceased’s burial.

The politician attributed the claims to his political opponents whom he stopped short of naming.

Khalwale recently announced his intent to vie for the Kakamega gubernatorial seat in the 2027 polls.

“Following wild, baseless, and false claims by some pseudo politicians in Kakamega, I’ve today been forced to postpone the burial of my trusted fighter bull caretaker indefinitely,” wrote the politician on his X page.

“Meanwhile, today (Wednesday), I hosted a team of DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives at my Malinya home for a thorough fact-finding mission over the unfortunate demise of the late Kizito Moi Amukune.

“I’ve readily opened up my home to the police to allow them to make credible and conclusive investigations into this sad death thereby enabling them to pursue the matter to a logical conclusion before burial plans continue.”

Khalwale’s comments come a day after Mr Cleophas Shimanyula, a Kakamega County tycoon with a hefty portfolio in sports, construction, real estate, and transportation industries, called on authorities to investigate Mr Moi’s sudden death.

Mr Moi’s job description entailed looking after the politician’s fighting bulls including the famed Inasio, that ended up killing him.

Mr Shimanyula, in an interview with the media, termed the death suspicious. He authoritatively alleged it was not the bull that killed Mr Moi.

The deceased’s body was reportedly discovered within the bull’s stall with several injuries believed to have been caused by the bull’s horn.

Mr Shimanyula, however, opposed this finding, saying the injuries did not align with a bull’s horn causing them.

Senator Khalwale meanwhile claimed Mr Moi could have been drunk at the time of the incident and potentially provoked Inasio who reacted aggressively and gored him.

Mr Moi had been in Senator Khalwale’s employment for 20 years taking care of his bulls.

Following the death, Senator Khalwale resorted to killing Inasio by spearing it to death as part of a cultural ritual practice.

Mr Shimanyula and Khalwale have frequently squabbled in public.

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