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Police officers filmed trying to forcefully evict sick colleague’s wife

A video has emerged online showing two police officers trying to evict the wife of their colleague who is said to be hospitalized.

The two, a female and male, are seen manhandling the woman in a staircase of an apartment.

The woman is heard complaining to the female officer asking why she is being targeted.

“Unanipiga kwanini, nimekufanyia nini mimi? Juzi umekuja kwangu ukanivutia nguo, saa hii umekuja unataka kunishika, nimekufanyia nini mimi?” the lady keeps asking.


As the two struggle, the female officer can be heard giving other people instructions to take her belongings out of the house.

Another woman can be heard telling the officer to just hit her softly and not to hurt her.

The female officer is later joined by her male colleague who then tries to drag the woman down the stairs as neighbours start screaming.

Police are yet to comment on the incident which reportedly happened at Buru buru police line housing compound.

Calls by Nairobi News to the station went unanswered.

Watch the video on this link: