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Police robbery viral video is ‘fake news’, Kenyans disagree

The National Police Service Police has dismissed an alleged viral video showing daring robbers snatching a mobile phone from a traffic police officer while he was controlling traffic in Nairobi.

In a statement through social media, the NPS said the video clip had been forged for malicious purposes against the service and urged members of the public to treat the video with the contempt it deserves.

“Our investigations have revealed that a video circulating on social media insinuating to be of a police officer being snatched a phone is a manipulated video whose intention is malicious. We urge members of the public to ignore it,” they tweeted.

The video shows the officer manning traffic at Roysambu roundabout on Thika Road before a motorbike carrying three men emerges.

Upon reaching where the police officer is standing, the motorcycle slows down before one of the pillion passengers stretches out his hand and grabs the cop’s phone in a flash.

The officer, who was on a call, appears confused and attempts to run after the robbers but gives up on realizing he cannot catch them.

The video clip ends showing the officer resuming his duty in what some social media users termed as “swift acceptance of what had happened.”

The brazen theft was recorded on a motorist’s dashboard camera at around 5:00 pm on Tuesday.

The video elicited mixed reactions, with online users describing the incident as one of the most daring stunts Nairobi robbers have engaged in the recent past.

Kenyans online while condemning the incident, also called out the police for saying that it was fake and wondered what the criminals would do to civilians, who have no security training or armed like police officers.