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Police swoop on ‘witchdoctor’s den’ nets two suspects

By JOSEPH OPENDA September 8th, 2016 1 min read

Police in Nakuru on Wednesday arrested two people who were found in a house suspected to belong to Ugandan witchdoctor in Langalanga estate.

The officers recovered several photographs of unknown people believed to be used in witchcraft.

An assortment of herbs, several bottles containing an unidentified liquid and some material wrapped in papers among other paraphernalia were also found in the house.

The officers raided the premises after receiving complaints from members of the public about the presence of an alleged witchdoctor who had caused tension among the residents.

However, one of the suspects Mr Mugori Hussein told the Daily Nation in an interview that he had come from Bungoma to visit his brother who is the owner of the house, whom he said was a medicine man.


Mr Mugori, a casual laborer in a construction site in Bungama said his brother was a traditional herbalist and had a work permit to do business in Kenya.

In regard to the photographs, Mr Mugaria said his brother preferred treating people he saw on the photographs.

“My brother treats people using herbal medicine and all these are his working tools,” said Mr Mugaria.

The other suspect Mr Hamsa Waswa on the other hand said he had only come to pay a visit to the herbalist and give a report concerning a client. He claimed to have known the herbalist for more than six years.

The two were arrested after they were found in the sitting room of the two bedroomed house waiting for the house owner whom they claimed had gone to see a client in Kaptembwa Estate in Nakuru County.

Nakuru Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Mr Joshua Omukata who confirmed the arrest said police were still conducting investigations to substantiate the claims.