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Pregnant? Here is why you should stop flaunting that baby bump

I am a member of a certain Facebook group that aims at helping mothers and mothers to be to connect, share experiences, help each other out as well as provide vendors of kids’ items a platform to sell their wares.

I follow many conversations closely; especially those questions raised by first time mothers and mothers to be because many of their concerns are also mine.

On several occasions, however, some ladies have warned others about posting photographs of their pregnant selves and those of their tiny newborns on the social media platform.

They claim that as much as they want to flaunt their baby bumps and show off their little bundles of joy, not everyone is happy for them nor are their intentions pure. They claim that by just posting a photo, some black-hearted individuals may use it to do evil to them.

So this got me thinking, how many of us believe in black magic, the evil eye and witchcraft? How true are those legends and myths that have been passed down from our ancestors and can they affect us in the modern world?


I am not really a superstitious person, but once in a while I find myself doing things that a modern woman would not do. I postponed doing any baby shopping until I was firmly in my third trimester, lest my early shopping jinxed my pregnancy.

And the few things I have bought, I keep safely away from the eyes of others, even my husband. The reason for this is simple.

When I was growing up, my mother told me that shopping for babies was done after they were born and not a minute before. When she was expecting my sister and I was a big girl myself, she had bought things for her but kept them hidden. I don’t know the reasoning behind this, but I find myself doing the same.

I talk about my growing baby, but not too much and not without a hint of discomfort at the topic. I find it weird when some tells me to pass their regards to the baby, or ask if the baby is okay, what mood is it in or  what does it want to eat.

I feel you should ask those questions once the person is here and not just a part of me. I think that’s why I don’t like people touching my bump; the interaction with an unborn person is just too creepy.


I don’t know if it’s because of taboo or what, but our baby is still just Toto to my husband and I and will remain so until a few days after the birth, I suspect. The reason is, we haven’t found or even started discussing a name for the baby.

I’m curious but not totally invested in finding a name right now and I find it strange that most pregnancy and baby websites offer hundreds of name suggestions, right under the article on how to relieve morning sickness.

The eagerness and curiosity of the people around me to find out the sex of the baby has me stumped. Friends and acquaintances alike seem hell bent on finding out if the baby I’m carrying is a boy or a girl. I keep getting predictions, based on my mood, how I’m carrying and even my cravings.

Does it matter if I’m having a son or a daughter? And if so, how does that affect you? Unless you are looking for the future spouse of your own child, I really don’t think it’s anyone’s business.

Hopefully my child will be around for many years and you will know their sex eventually, so relax. This goes hand in hand with talking to the baby, wait until they get here and you can tell them everything you have been keeping in your heart.