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Gen Ogolla’s son criticises bloggers for insensitive reporting of chopper crash

Joel Rabuku, the son of the late Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla, has criticised some publications and bloggers for their handling of the news surrounding the helicopter crash that claimed 10 lives.

Speaking during the ongoing burial of the late CDF in Ng’iya, Siaya County, Rabuku said the dissemination of images of the crash was insensitive.

“When my mother called and told me that your father had died in a helicopter crash, there are so many useless bloggers who are so quick to post pictures. I was told that my father had crashed and 10 minutes later I saw a helicopter on fire. What does that mean, of course, he is dead,” he said.

“Bloggers, you’re so quick to post pictures. Umepewa EGH (Have you been given a commendation) for breaking the news that the general is dead? Let us be sensitive.”

During his speech, he also defended his father’s friendship with President William Ruto.

Rabuku clarified that the two leaders had a genuine and harmonious working relationship.

He also dismissed rumours on social media that suggested otherwise.

“I have just been ambushed to speak today and so I want to talk about the son of Alego. Your Excellency, until yesterday people were speculating on why the President appointed him, I want to clear the air with the conversations I had with my father about his time with President Ruto,” Rabuku explained.


President William Ruto
President William Ruto at Gen Ogolla’s memorial service. PHOTO| POOL

“He did not really reveal any national security issues. The president did not have to appoint him and initially, he saw his competence and decided this was the man for the job. They quickly became friends and developed a serious chemistry that he would tell me about”.

The outspoken son went on to explain the deep bond between the two leaders.

“I want to clear the air about my father’s time with the president. They formed a serious working security relationship to secure the country together with the deputy president and his cabinet secretary. They became like brothers. I have seen the tweets on Twitter ()and I feel sorry for them. It was a very serious blow to the three of them, I know President Ruto’s tears yesterday were genuine and people should stop rumours. They were friends at State House. My father told me he loved the President and they were good friends.

The funeral is currently taking place at Senator Obama Primary School.

Chief of Defence Staff Francis Ogolla died with nine others in a helicopter crash on Thursday 18 April.