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Private developer grabs Nairobi’s Sh283 million cemetery land

A private developer has moved into 120 acres of land that was bought by the Nairobi City Council in Mavoko as an alternative cemetery.

The land, initially estimated to be worth Sh24 million, was bought at an inflated price of Sh283 million in 2009 after it was realised that the Lang’ata cemetery was running out of space.

The land was however found unsuitable for use as a burial site.

In the wake of the scandal, former Nairobi Mayor Geophrey Majiwa stepped aside in October 2010 after being charged with conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption by acquiring Sh283.2 million from the Ministry of Local Government.

He was subsequently cleared of the charges in August 2012 due to lack of evidence.

President Kibaki also suspended 13 top officials in the ministries of Local Government and Finance over the scandal.

Nairobi News now understands that a private developer has moved into the land and fenced it off.

This has prompted Nairobi MCAs to schedule a session at the site this week to find out how ownership of the land changed hands from Nairobi City Council to the private developer.