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PSV laws to render drivers jobless

Many young people are staring at joblessness when new rules on public transport take effect later this month.

Drivers and conductors employed by investors who own one or two matatus will have to look for alternative jobs as the vehicles they operate will be phased out.

Under the new rules, no individual will own a Public Service Vehicle. Only organisations with more than 25 vehicles will be licensed to operate.

The proposed ‘Operation of PSV Regulations 2013’ has elicited mixed reactions from the matatu owners, drivers and conductors.

Matatu Welfare Association Chairman, Dickson Mbugua said some clauses aimed at reducing road accidents and restoring order in the transport sector were too tough.

“The rules will lock out the youth out of employment and are likely to lead to increase in crime in major cities, especially Nairobi.” Mr Mbugua said.

The rules dubbed the ‘Kamau rules’ because they were published by Transport Cabinet Secretary, Michael Kamau demand that drivers and conductors be employed on permanent and pensionable basis and have insurance covers, annual leave and scheduled shifts.

“The regulations on employing them on permanent terms are good because they will be more careful putting into account that their records are with the employer. The drivers and conductors will not run away after committing a traffic offence as they have been doing,” Mr Mbugua pointed out.

Mr Mbugua said the proposal that large vehicles operating within the cities allow standing passengers would encourage pickpockets.

The rules are meant to replace the Michuki rules faulted for being too tough.