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Rachel Ruto in fashion faux pas?

Fashion critics insist they spotted a faux pas in Second Lady Rachel Ruto’s wardrobe during her daughter’s recent wedding.

Rachel Ruto looked elegant in a fuchsia-colored gown as she walked her first-born daughter down the aisle along her better half, Deputy President William Ruto.

However, those who claim to be in the known on matters fashion say one accessory adorned by the DP’s wife didn’t quite rhyme.

Specifically, they say mama Rachel did not properly don the hair fascinator, and the result was it did not give her a flattery look.

But others argued the soft-spoken Second Lady wears short hair and thus did not want the fascinator to cover her face.

“The fascinator is a hat worn by women who want to look extra. Initially, it was worn by women during burials but it has resurfaced in fashion and is mostly worn by the mother of the bride, in high tea events among others,” says Martha Koki, founder of Waridi fashions, brides, and beyond.

“And it is something that a lot of people have taken to because it has the ability to transform the look of a dress,” she added.

Most women in the country may not buy a fascinator as a fashion accessory because they do not know how to wear it, she adds.

This is why she had to invite a lady from Cameroon to train her on how the fascinator is properly worn, a  knowledge she imparts to her clients.

“For example the fascinator that Mrs. Ruto was wearing I would wear with the rings flowing on the face. But I want to believe that maybe that is not what she wanted and was comfortable wearing it the way she did,” says Koki.