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Radical cleric Aboud Rogo’s widow sentenced to 10 years – PHOTOS

A court in Mombasa has sentenced Hania Sagar, the wife of slain controversial Muslim Cleric Aboud Rogo to 10 years in prison.

Ms Rogo had been charged with failing to disclose information on a terrorist who attacked Central Police Station in Mombasa on September 11, 2016.

While reading her 125-page judgement, Shanzu Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache said that the judiciary is one of the agencies in the criminal justice whose role is to protect the public and safeguard property.

“Even though the accused is a first offender, the offence is serious. Had the police not acted swiftly, the girls could have actualized their intentions and lead to mass killings,” ruled the judge.

Hania Sagar bing escorted from Shanzu Law Court in Mombasa on February 16, 2018. PHOTO | WACHIRA MWANGI
Hania Sagar being escorted from Shanzu Law Court in Mombasa on February 16, 2018. PHOTO | WACHIRA MWANGI

“The court is not therefore inclined to pass a non-custodial sentence, the maximum sentence is 14 years which reflects the seriousness of the offense. The sentence to be passed should act as a warning and a deterrent to would be offenders. I therefore proceed to sentence the accused person to 10 years imprisonment. You have a right of appeal in 14 days.”

According to the charge sheet, the suspect despite knowing Tasnim Yakub, who was the mastermind of the foiled terror attack, failed to disclose information which could have prevented the terrorist attack.

The suspect had pleaded not guilty to the offence she committed on September 5 at Kanamai, within Kilifi County.

She had been charged together with Luul Ali Tahli, Nasteho Ali Tahli and Zamzam Abdallahi, who were later discharged due lack of evidence.

In their consolidated charge sheet, the four were accused of conspiring with three women, Ms Yakub, Ramla Abdirahman Hussein and Maimuna Abdirahman, to attack the police station.

Ms Yakub, Ms Hussein and Ms Abdirahman attacked Central Police station in Mombasa. All three were killed in the attack.