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Radio queen Kamene Goro opens up on lover’s tatoo

Famed radio presenter Kamene Goro says she’s tatted her boyfriend on her body.

In a conversation with her co-host Oga Obinna, the Kiss 100 presenter

While having a conversation with her co-host the Kiss 100 presenter echoed she did not mind having a tattoo of a lover on her body.

She however stopped short of revealing the exact location of the tatoo.

Responding to a question posed on whether she has tatted herself her man’s name, Kamene affirmed saying, “Yes!” As she burst in laughter.

But Obinna strongly disagrees with the move.

He claims a tattoo being a permanent mark on one’s body has to be a well thought out decision.

“I’d rather tattoo my mum or kid,” he explained.

Last week, Kenyan singer Noti Flow was amazed after her girlfriend King Alami tattooed her name on her fingers.

This being the third tattoo the Instagram influencer has got of her caused an online stir with concerned fans asking Alami if Noti also had a tattoo of her on any part of her body, to which Alami responded by posting a photo of Noti’s finger with the name ‘Arman’ tatted to it.

Mid last year Alami tattooed Noti’s name on her arm, weeks before the two went public as a couple.

Despite their tumultuous relationship that has seen them on and off quite frequently, the duo expression of love through tattoos of each other’s names and face is visible.

With Alami inking Noti’s face on her back, the two love birds have never shied showing their love.