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Rape doctor among top searches in 2015


Google Kenya has released top searches in 2015 with the US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis’s visits topping the list.

On personalities, Former Prime Minister’s son Fidel Odinga and American basketballer Lamar Odom were most searched during the year.

Interestingly, Mugo wa Wairimu, the doctor charged with raping a patient, was part of the trending personalities of the year.

Other events held in 2015 that topped the events search list included the blood moon that was spotted in different parts of the world on September 27/28.

The Nyeri beatification of Sister Irene Stefani Nyaatha was also among the searched events of the year.

In the general searches, the Obamamania was evident as his official car dubbed ‘The Beast’ was among the top searches along with the online tax portal ‘iTax’.


Trending Kenyan personalities had Fidel Odinga leading the list followed by gospel singer Gloria Muliro over her troubled marriage with preacher Eric Omba.

Businessman Paul Kobia was third followed by the late Kabete MP George Muchai then actress Nana Gichuru who died in a grisly road accident.

President Obama’s sister Auma who rode in ‘The Beast’ was sixth followed by singer the late Murimi wa Kahalf.

Citizen TV’s Jackie Maribe was ninth with Pastor James Ng’ang’a completing the top ten trending personalities.

Adelle’s Hallo hit that has had a Swahili cover done by local artist Dela topped the trending music category with Sauti Sol’s Nerea coming third in the list.

Below is the full list by Google Kenya:

Trending events (Kenya)

1.            President Obama visit

2.            Pope Francis visit

3.            Garissa University attack

4.            Teachers Strike

5.            Mayweather vs Pacquiao

6.            Beatification of Sister Nyaatha

7.            Tanzania Elections

8.            Paris Attacks

9.            Blood moon

10.          COPA America

Most Trending general searches (Kenya)

1.            Fidel Odinga

2.            iTax

3.            Obama

4.            Pope Francis

5.            Lamar Odom

6.            Garissa Attack

7.            Teachers strike

8.            The Beast

9.            Mayweather

10.          Copa America

Most trending general searches  (Global)

1.            Lamar Odom

2.            Charlie Hebdo


4.            Jurassic World

5.            Paris

6.            Furious 7

7.            Fallout 4

8.            Ronda Rousey

9.            Caitlyn Jenner

10.          American Sniper

Most Trending Kenyan personalities (Kenya)

1.            Fidel Odinga

2.            Gloria Muliro

3.            Paul Kobia

4.            George Muchai

5.            Nana Gichuru

6.            Auma Obama

7.            Murimi wa Kahalf

8.            Mugo wa Wairimu

9.            Jackie Marimbe

10.          Pastor Nganga

Most trending personalities (Global)

1.            Lamar Odom

2.            Ronda Rousey

3.            Caitlyn Jenner

4.            Adele

5.            Charlie Sheen

6.            Ruby Rose

7.            Donald Trump

8.            Sia

9.            Dakota Johnson

10.          Jeremy Clarkson

Trending People we lost in 2015 (Kenya)

1.            Fidel Odinga

2.            Muna Obiekwe

3.            Bobbi Kristina

4.            George Muchai

5.            Nana Gichuru

6.            Murimi wa Kahalf

7.            Grace Ogot

8.            Mzee Ojwang

9.            Kimani Maruge

10.          Jonah Lomu

Most Trending Music (Kenya)

1.            Hello

2.            Amarula

3.            Nerea

4.            Classic man

5.            Hotline Bling

6.            See you again

7.            Trap Queen

8.            Nae Nae

9.            Bad Blood

10.          One Last time

Most trending ‘What is’ general searches (Kenya)

1.            What is xenophobia

2.            What is beatification

3.            What is poverty

4.            What is POTUS

5.            What is Ebola

6.            What is climate change

7.            What is ISIS

8.            What is Eurobond

9.            What is teenage pregnancy

10.          What is the beast

Most trending ‘How to’ general searches (Kenya)

1.            How to play lotto

2.            How to lose belly fat

3.            How to download a youtube video

4.            How to okoa stima

5.            How to write a formal letter

6.            How to practice typing on a computer

7.            How to pray with the rosary

8.            How to bet

9.            How to convert pdf to word

10.          How to bake a simple cake