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Rapper Bamboo gets saved…again

September 29th, 2013 1 min read

Rapper Bamboo has come out to declare that he is now born again and is done with secular music.

Apparently all this was brought about by a dream he had about Jay Z and Beyonce.

In his dream, he had attended a concert by the two international super stars when all of a sudden the earth opened up and they were all sucked in.

Bamboo confessed all this to Mzazi Willy Tuva on his show Mambo Mseto and added that the Westgate occurrence further cemented his decision.

He said that he has been praying a lot.

We cannot forget that this is not the first time the rapper has declared salvation.

Since he backslid the first time, what would be different this time, we asked?

He said, “I did not understand what being born again was, I didn’t get the real essence of being born again. There is a fight within me between the devil and God. But now I have a clear understanding of what goes on in the world and I refuse to work for the devil.”

However, he said that he would continue making hip hop music but the difference would be in the content, which he will make more positive and uplifting.