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Real estate industry vows to combat climate change

Following the successful inaugural Africa Climate Summit hosted by Kenya at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), various sectors in the country are rallying to combat the effects of climate change.

Among these sectors is real estate, which has pledged to create a safe and friendly living environment for all.

Finsco Africa, a prominent property company in Kenya, addressed the media on Thursday, September 7, highlighting the crucial role of bridging the gap between human settlement and environmental sustainability in the fight against climate change.

Mr John Mwaura, CEO of Finsco Africa, emphasized that the real estate industry actively embraces green building solutions as part of its commitment to protecting and preserving the environment and climate.

“As one of the key players of real estate in Kenya, I must admit that we do contribute largely towards the settlement of people through our development and construction projects which can sometimes conflict with our environment,” Mr Mwaura said.

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The company has allocated funds to its research department, focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly building solutions in alignment with the government’s agenda, specifically the Financing locally-led climate change programs.

President William Ruto received accolades from the real estate industry for championing collaborative efforts between countries the public and private sectors to address the adverse impacts of climate change.

“It is important for the real estate industry to align itself with the government’s agenda of climate change to avoid being highlighted as a risk to the environment in their bid to provide housing solutions to Kenyans,” Mr Mwaura added.

The concluded summit, attended by more than 20,000 delegates, saw the continent making its declarations on the way forward.

During the summit, the President said that the African continent is suffering from global warming despite contributing little to climate change effects.

The continent asked Asia and European countries to help the continent in terms of funding the programmes and projects that are aimed at reducing global warming.

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