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Residents ask court to stop Bishop Wilfred Lai’s noisy church

By BRIAN OCHARO February 5th, 2019 1 min read

Residents of Miritini World Bank Estate in Mombasa County want the Jesus Celebration Centre stopped from playing loud music and building a church within the estate.

They complained that during its services, some of which run from 9pm to 4am, the church uses big sound amplifiers and plays musical instruments at unreasonably loud volumes, yet the church is a simple structure without walls and cannot therefore contain the noise.

They said the church disturbs their peace, especially at night.

The church is part of JCC Ministries International that is headed by Bishop Wilfred Lai.

In an affidavit sworn by Mr Peter Nyabuto, the petitioners say the church operates seven days a week and conducts prayers at odd hours, with loud music and animated ululation.

“The residents cannot have peaceful sleep on account of the loud music played by the church, which impacts negatively on them and their children’s productivity since they cannot concentrate on their homework,” Mr Nyabuto told Justice Charles Yano.

The residents, who have filed the case before the Environment and Land Court in Mombasa, claim the church is running its operations with impunity, with little regard to their right to a peaceful environment.

They claim that the construction of a church in the estate is unauthorised and illegal since its construction has not bee approved by the relevant authorities.