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Revealed: Crime scene details of brutal TRM Drive murder

By Nyaboga Kiage January 14th, 2024 2 min read

In a chilling crime scene within Thika Road Mall (TRM) Drive in Kasarani Sub-County, details of a gruesome murder have emerged, shedding light on the horrifying incident that transpired at an Airbnb located in Green House Apartment.

Nairobi News has learned that an unidentified woman was allegedly murdered inside the Airbnb, accompanied by an unknown middle-aged man.

Mark Auma, the caretaker of the house, made the grim discovery when he found blood in the Airbnb.

Subsequently, the management was notified, and a police report filed at Kasarani police station outlined the gruesome details.

According to the report, an unknown middle-aged man had checked into the Airbnb located in Roysambu.

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Concerns arose when the caretaker and management found no trace of the guests upon inspection, only to follow a trail of blood leading to the dustbin collection point.

Shockingly, the remains of the victim were discovered in polythene bags disposed of in the apartment’s dustbin.

“The caretaker then asked one of the managers to confirm if the guest had checked out only to find nobody and the house was clean. They then followed the blood stain traces which led them to the dustbin collection point where they discovered remains of a person which prompted her to call the police,” the report stated.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, police officers determined that the suspect, who is currently at large, brutally murdered the unidentified woman, dismembered her body, and disposed of the pieces in the Airbnb’s trash bin.

An officer involved in the ongoing investigation, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that CCTV footage revealed the main suspect wearing black jeans trouser, a black jumper, navy blue short, a white cap, and spectacles.

The body of the deceased has been transferred to City Mortuary by the investigating officers.