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REVEALED: How Malik Heights building fire suspect tricked his way out of police station

The main suspect in the Malik Heights building fire on Ngong Road presented himself at the Kilimani Police Station on Monday as flames continued to consume the building, Nairobi News can reveal.

Mr Abdirizak Yusuf Adow recorded a statement at the station, complaining that his name was being tarnished on social media by being linked to the fire.

“The man was here, he recorded a false statement that a section of the public was linking him to the fire,” Kilimani police boss Michael Muchiri confirmed to Nairobi News.

Police say Mr Adow is the main suspect in the deadly fire that destroyed property worth Sh600 million.

He has since gone missing after making the report.

The building’s owner Ahmed Siddique, through his brother Shahid Siddique, on Friday told journalists that he has forgiven the suspected arsonist.

CCTV footage from the building captured a man walking into the building carrying a jerrican believed to have contained fuel. He then proceeds to the parking area where he sprinkled the contents of the jerrican and lit a fire before leaving through the staircase.