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Riggy G explains origin of ‘Rigathi’ name

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says his name Rigathi originates from the Maasai word Ole Kasi.

Speaking on June 25, 2023 in Kajiado, the second in command explained he has a connection to the county through his mother’s heritage.

“Hi jina yangu Rigathi inaitwa Ole Kasi. Mimi ni Ole Kasi. Ikakorowa na wakikuyu ikawa Rigathi. Hiyo Rigathi ikakorogwa na vijana ikawa Riggy G (My name originates from a Maasai word. In Maasai I am called Ole Kasi. Then my Kikuyu people played around with the name and called me Rigathi, then the youth again played with it and baptized me Riggy G),” said the DP.

President William Ruto and area governor Joseph Ole Lenku were among those present.

The DP further explained how his nickname ‘Riggy G’ came about.

Originally coined by influencer Ivy Chelimo in a social media post, the moniker gained popularity due to its simplicity and ease of pronunciation.

The DP is on record saying he fell in love with the name and even employed Chelimo as a token of appreciation.

“Riggy G has a melodic quality to it,” he shared during a primary schools music festival held in Kisumu in 2022, showcasing his affinity for embracing cultural diversity and fostering inclusivity.

Born as the eighth child to Nderi Gachagua Wangombe and Martha Kirigo, Gachagua’s revelation sheds light on the cultural influences that have shaped his identity and resonated with various communities across Kenya.

He served as an administrative officer in former president Daniel Moi’s government for a long time before transiting to work as a personal aide to Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the 2002 elections. Mr Kenyatta finished a distant second to Mwai Kibaki in the presidential polls.

The DP then successfully contested for the Mathira parliamentary seat in 2017, before electing to, against all odds, back William Ruto for the presidency in 2022. The gamble paid off, as he was nominated presidential running mate as the Ruto-Gachagua ticket triumped over Raila Odinga to clinch the presidency.

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