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Ringtone engages Jaguar in verbal war over Nacada job

Controversial gospel singer Alex ‘Ringtone’ Apoko is not willing to stop throwing punches at former close friend and singer Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi.

Although it’s still not clear what started their current beef, Ringtone last week was reported saying that he was eyeing the current job Jaguar was given by president Uhuru Kenyatta. Last week, Jaguar was appointed a board member in Nacada.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Ringtone told off Jaguar, saying he should not think that he is the only youth and singer who is special to the president.

“The president loves all the youths, and some of us can access him anytime too,” said Ringtone.

“For Jaguar to call himself the ‘boss’ of the youth, it is a disrespect to the presidency. The president respects and treats all youths equally and has not particular preference.”


Although he congratulated Jaguar on his appointment, Ringtone said it’s a wait and see situation at the moment on what he will do at the anti-drugs body.

“Jaguar should stop telling people lies and remain humble. There are many young musicians who go to see the president and they don’t brag about it. Sauti Sol performed during the president’s birthday party and they didn’t hit the roof afterwards. People like Ben Githae can walk in and out of State House and don’t shout about it. The president respects and loves all youths, and Jaguar is not special,” Ringtone said.

Ringtone went ahead to attack Jaguar’s music, saying that he is no longer on top.

“The times of ‘Kigeugeu’ are over, Jaguar should know that. Currently, Sauti Sol, P-Unit and Rabbit are the ones who are trending. Jaguar is becoming irrelevant with his one style of music,” he said.