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RIP: Jacque Maribe in mourning

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe has been thrown into mourning.

The media personality revealed that as they were celebrating President-elect William Ruto’s victory, they got news of the death in the family.

“Yesterday was a very bitter-sweet day for me and my family,” Jacque wrote on her Instagram stories.

“Sweet…because we prayed and voted and won against all odds, and we could celebrate that Ruto indeed has and will always be our choice,” she explained. 

“Bitter…because we lost my aunt who passed on hours before. In all things, we give thanks. God above everything.”

Our condolences to the family for their loss. May she rest in peace.

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Before the polls, Jacque revealed that she will be unable to vote for her father, Maribe Mwangi. He was running for the Muranga MP seat under the UDA banner.

Mr Maribe’s campaign His slogan was “Work for the people!”

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Jacque’s elder sister Cate revealed that she moved her voting station from Muranga to Embakasi West so that she can vote for MP George Theuri.

Cate said, “Mr Maribe aki, he will have to forgive me (I moved my vote) from Muranga to Embakasi West.”

Jacque also revealed she did the same. “Aki hata mimi. (Me too!)”

In the conversation, Jacque also revealed that her presidential vote is for Ruto who she branded “The 5th”

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