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Rosie the ‘trending nanny’ awarded a free holiday

Rosie, a Kenyan nanny working in Lebanon, has become an internet sensation after a poignant farewell moment with the children she cared for, leaving both the family and netizens emotionally moved.

Taking care of four small children in Lebanon, Rosie – real names Rozah Rozalina Samson – recently embarked on a holiday trip to her homeland in Kenya.

In a video captured at a Lebanese airport, the emotional scene unfolded as the native family struggled to bid farewell to their beloved nanny.

The heartwarming clip shows the children, particularly Maria and Cataleya, who are twins and boast a significant TikTok following, crying profusely and chasing after their affectionately called ‘aunty.’

The parents found it challenging to separate the kids from Rosie, who had evidently formed a strong bond with them.

The emotional exchange resonated with onlookers at the airport, drawing attention to the tearful goodbyes.

The mother reassured the kids, saying, “She will come back,” but the children remained inconsolable.

Expressing their gratitude, the parents captioned the video, “Thank you, Rosie, for caring for my babies like they’re yours.”

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Prior to her departure, the family had thrown Rosie a birthday party, acknowledging her as not just an employee but a cherished member of their family.

The touching video has gained massive attention in Kenya, where netizens have flooded social media with messages of support and admiration for Rosie’s kindness towards the children.

Among those moved by the video is Expedition Maasai Safaris, a travel company, whose CEO, Pancras Karema, is on a mission to find Rosie and reward her for her dedication.

In a public statement, Karema said, “We’re determined to recognize, honor, and reward Rosie’s dedication and for showing the world what Kenyan workers are made of. Please help me locate her; we would like to gift her a memorable all-expenses-paid holiday as a token of our appreciation!”

In another post, Expedition Maasai Safaris emphasized Rosie’s “heart of gold” and expressed the company’s desire to celebrate her with a free holiday waiting in Kenya.

“This Kenyan lady with a heart of gold deserves to be recognized and rewarded for showing the world what Kenyan workers all over the world are made of – Dedication, Passion, and Humility. See, even the kids don’t want her to leave. We want to celebrate her and have a free holiday waiting for her.”

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Watch the trending video:


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