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Ruto under fire for calling Miss World the most beautiful woman

Kenyans online were on Wednesday outraged by deputy President William Ruto’s choice of words after he introduced Miss World Mireia Lalaguna as ‘the most beautiful woman’.

Mr Ruto made the remarks during his Madaraka Day address as he introduced Ms Lalaguna who had attended the celebrations at Afraha Stadium

Ms Lalaguna is in the country for a charity tour together with Miss World Asia Maria Harfanti.

The deputy President, in his address, said that ‘the most beautiful woman had attended the celebrations’.

Many thought that he was referring to his wife Rachel Ruto who was also in attendance. To their dismay, Mr Ruto was referring to Ms Lalaguna who is from Spain,

On Twitter, users faulted Mr Ruto for not considering his wife as the most beautiful woman.