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Ruto: Kenya ready to host Sudan’s peace talks

President William Ruto has fronted Kenya as a venue to host the peace talks between rival groups in Sudan following a war that has resulted in more than 300 deaths.

In a statement on Friday regarding the ongoing fighting, the President said Kenya is committed to taking part in ending the conflict in Sudan.

“Accordingly, to support further progress in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Sudan, Kenya hereby offers to host a process of mediation between the parties to the Agreement. We make this offer in the spirit of brotherhood, peace and solidarity as an acceptable neutral venue and also as an engaged stakeholder well-seized with the challenges facing our region,” part of Ruto’s statement reads.

He said that Kenya has a strong track record in effectively facilitating peacemaking and settlement of political conflict.

At the moment, Kenya is taking part in peace restoration in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Kenya also played a significant role in the peace deal following intra fights in Ethiopia.

The President has also welcomed a signal of goodwill, and commitment to arrest the descent into conflict, insecurity, instability, and humanitarian crisis, and pursue peaceful resolution of the outstanding items in the framework agreement

“In keeping with the African Union’s commitment to silence the guns of war through the implementation of African Solutions to African Problems, there now exists a meaningful opportunity for the resolution of outstanding issues through peaceful negotiation.”

He said peace talks will lead to the restoration of peace, security and stability in Sudan in conformity with the broader objective of transforming the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa in general into a peaceful and secure hub of productivity, globally competitive industry and sustainable shared prosperity.

The President has invited the parties to take full advantage of the opportunity and urge IGAD, AU and the UN to mobilise an effective international coalition to support a comprehensive peacemaking agenda for Sudan.

“I convey to General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo the numerous pleas and emphatic calls from our brothers and sisters in Sudan, the people of our region and the international community that it is now time to give peace a chance. Your commitment to mediation will restore peace and stability to Sudan within a short time.”

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