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Ruto praises David Ndii despite social media backlash

Success in every organization lies in the ability to churn profits.

Economic stability is at the heart of any progression and more often than not financial advisors and personnel are under scrutiny.

Their words and actions are debated upon with the back of growth stopping with them.

This situation reflects the position of David Ndii, President William Ruto’s economic advisor.

Lately, Ndii has been subjected to criticism on social media following his utterances on the financial state of the country.

However, on April 11, 2023, President Ruto while speaking at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) during the release of the performance contracting report, praised him for coming up with a program that enabled Kenya to temporarily solve the dollar shortage challenge.

“My economic advisors (led by David Ndii) have done something phenomenal, they have managed to put together a program that has taken us away from looking for $500M every month to buy our fuel needs… today we can buy fuel in shillings,” he said.

This comes a day after Ndii was trolled on social media after he remarked that the government was choosing to pay up debts over salary payments.

In a tweet, Ndii explained that 60 percent of all taxes currently collected by the government are used to pay off debts adding that revenues collected by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) are not enough.

“Is public finance that difficult? It is reported every other day debt service is consuming 60%+ of revenue. Liquidity crunches come with the territory. When maturities bunch up, revenue falls short, or markets shift, something has to give. Salaries or default? Take your pick.”

On Monday in an interview with Citizen TV, Ndii without mincing words shared that the President Ruto-led administration was wasting resources.

“Government is extremely wasteful. There is not a single day that I’m not exasperated by not just how wasteful it is, but by how deliberate it is and how unbothered people are,” he said.

While his sentiments have a hard landing on Kenyans, many have wondered if he is tendering his resignation publicly by embarrassing his employer or just shedding light on the plight of the economic situation in Kenya.

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