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Ruto’s vow to persons with disabilities

Deputy President William Ruto has promised to include the active participation of persons with disabilities in government should he be elected the next President.

The DP spoke during the signing of a charter between himself and people living with disabilities in Nairobi.

“My government will ensure people living with disabilities in the country are active in politics. They will be elected in various seats and be part of decision making in the country,” said Dr Ruto.

The DP observed persons living with disability have been stigmatized in various ways.

“They face stigma, prejudice and abuse. They are denied their rights to associate, move freely, access to justice and economic opportunities. As a result, most of them live in poverty. This has to stop,” said Dr Ruto.

According to the 2019 census, 0.9 million people in Kenya are living with some form of disability.

The 2019 census also indicates that 1.9% of men have a disability compared to 2.5% of women.

There are more people with disabilities living in rural than urban areas. Analysis of prevalence rates by residence shows 2.6% of people in rural areas and 1.4% of people in urban areas have a disability.

Analysis of disability by domain reveals that mobility is the most commonly reported difficulty, experienced by 0.4 million Kenyans and representing 42% of people with disabilities.

The other domains of disability are seeing, hearing, cognition, self-care and communication which are experienced by between 36% and 12% of people with disabilities.

Albinism is a condition experienced by 0.02% of Kenya’s population.