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Rwandan musician Isacco shares appreciation for Kenyan music stars

Isacco, the award-winning Rwandese musician, recently opened up about his deep admiration for Kenyan music, particularly praising artists like Sauti Sol, Nyashinski, and Bahati.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Isacco expressed his fondness for Kenyan musicians, citing their exceptional talent and determination in the industry.

“Having lived in Kenya, I listen to almost all the artists, and I find that Kenyan artists do great work,” Isacco remarked.

“Every time Sauti Sol comes to France, they fill well-known venues here, and when you see the audience! It’s not just Kenyans or the East African communities; white people and other African communities come to see them on stage.”

Isacco revealed that his playlist is brimming with tracks from Kenyan artists like Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, Nyashinski, Bahati, Nadia Mukami, and Femi One, whom he says he admires for their dedication.

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When asked about potential collaborations with Kenyan musicians, Isacco expressed his dream of working with iconic acts like Sauti Sol, Nyashinski, or Bahati, affirming that it would be a dream come true.

“I am preparing my second album, and there will be some singles featuring Kenyan artists,” he disclosed.

Reflecting on the challenges he faces as a musician, particularly in the diaspora, Isacco highlighted the financial constraints of producing music abroad, where costs for studio time and music video production can be exorbitant.

“Making music, especially here in the diaspora, is not easy. Everything is very expensive,” he lamented.

“But thank God that technology saves us; now we can work with studios in Africa remotely, which helps reduce spending costs.”

Isacco also shared insights into his educational background, having studied Human Resource Management at Panthéon-Sorbonne University in France.

As for his legacy, Isacco expressed his desire to be remembered as a music legend who inspired the younger generation and spread happiness through his work.

In a philanthropic endeavor, Isacco revealed his upcoming performance at the Masked Ball evening on April 6, 2024, in Pierrefitte, France.

Organized by Cameroonian communities and other groups in France, the charity event aims to support Cameroonian children affected by HIV/AIDS, abandonment, and orphanhood.

“Being a refugee, I know the struggle and the feeling of being abandoned. So if I can do something to help them, it will be a great pleasure for me,” Isacco shared.