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Bravery rewarded: Isiolo couple gifted fully-paid holiday after lion encounter

Michael Apaiyu and Susan Chebet, a courageous couple from Elsa Ntirim village in Isiolo County, who bravely fought off a lion while fetching firewood, have been honored with a fully paid holiday by Zunguka Africa Safaris Ltd.

In a statement, Agatha Wangari, the Managing Director of Zunguka Africa, announced that the company would be awarding Michael Apaiyu and Susan Chebet with a fully paid three-day, two-night trip to a captivating coastal destination.

“This gesture comes as a recognition of their extraordinary bravery and resilience in the face of adversity,” Wangari stated.

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The couple, who managed to fend off the lion with a panga, survived the attack but sustained serious injuries in the process.

They have been recuperating at the Isiolo County Referral Hospital.

Recalling the harrowing incident, Michael Apaiyu revealed that the ferocious animal first attacked his wife before turning on him.

“The lion came towards us, and we waited for it. It jumped on my chest, and I fell. I held its mouth. I am not able to lift anything heavy because it injured my body so badly. My fingers have been left numb. The nerves are not responding,” he said.

He added that they have not received any support yet:

“KWS came to visit us in the hospital, but we have not heard from them anymore,” Apaiyu recounted.

Despite the ordeal, the couple expressed deep love for each other, with Susan Chebet stating, “I love my husband so much, and there was no way I would have let it kill him.”

Michael also expressed gratitude for his wife’s bravery, remarking, “I did not expect my wife to come and face death like my wife did. I am so grateful.”

The meticulously planned three-day, two-night trip aims to provide Michael and Susan with a memorable and relaxing experience, allowing them to take a step closer to full recovery.