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Four Kenyans jailed for stealing Sh1.4 billion from President Kiir’s office

June 14th, 2016 1 min read

Four Kenyans are among 16 people jailed in South Sudan on Monday after they were convicted of stealing Sh1.4 billion ($14 million) from President Salva Kiir’s office.

The convicted officials include the former chief administrator in the office of the president, Mayen Wol, the former executive director in president’s office, Yel Luol and national security officer John Agou, according to the website

Some of them are President Kiiir’s relatives, according to press reports in the world’s youngest nation.

Defence lawyer Agok Makur told the website that the 16 were found guilty of forging signatures including that of President Kiir and other officials to withdraw huge sums from the bank.

The convicts are also said to have looted part of the cash the from President Kiir’s office.

The High Court in South Sudan found that the offences were committed between 2013 and 2015 alone.

A whopping Sh400 billion ($4 billion), mainly donor money, has been looted from South Sudan since it gained independence in 2011.