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Saudi women filmed mercilessly flogging foreign woman for praying

An undated amateur video has emerged online showing a woman being flogged by two Saudi Arabia women.

In the video, the woman, who has been identified only as Divinah, is handcuffed behind her back with her legs tied together with a rope.


Her captors are seen flogging her repeatedly while admonishing her for engaging in religious activities.

“You must know what brought you here, no praying here,” one of the two women keeps saying.

The woman wails as the flogging continues and seeks help from another woman who goes on beating her as they warn her never to pray again.

“Here their is no praying but working,” the women tell her.


Online users claim the woman who in the video is a Kenyan national, although Nairobi News could not independently verify these claims.

The video is among several that have leaked capturing foreign women being assaulted in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday morning several Kenyans condemn the incident in social media, while asking the Kenyan government to intervene and assist her.