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SDA church condemns Chinese donation of liquor to starving villagers

The SDA Church has condemned Chinese investors who donated liquor as part of food donation to hunger-stricken villagers in Tiaty sub-county, Baringo.

The church, led by women ministers, condemned the investors for taking advantage of the suffering of the people.

The women led by Anita Too said that well-wishers who want to assist the affected communities should desist from taking commodities that can ruin the morals of the people in the area.

“We are perturbed as a church that some well-wishers have opted to take advantage of Kenyans suffering from hunger and instead of taking them food they give them liquor. We are condemning such acts and insist that if you are for a good course in addressing their plight then give them food,” said Ms Too.


She added: “There are children who are suffering from malnutrition in the area due to acute food shortage and instead of even taking milk you decide to give them beer. We feel that it is being insensitive to them taking in to consideration that they are eyeing to invest in the area,”

She spoke at Nginyang SDA Church where they distributed food to villages hard hit by food shortage.

They also donated more than 200 bags of maize, 10 bags of beans, 200kgs of rice, vegetables, other non-food items and clothes.

Central Rift SDA pastor Evans Ooga urged local leaders in the area to initiate irrigation schemes to boost food security and avoid reliance on food aid.

He condemned the distribution of beer in Tiaty and called on well-wishers to avoid taking advantage of illiterate people who need empowerment.

“Liquor is not food. Why should anyone think of giving such to starving people instead of giving them foodstuffs? That is unacceptable and as a church we are calling on donors to be genuine and not take advantage of the suffering of the people,” said the cleric.

The church also launched adult education in the area to improve the literacy levels of in the region.

On Friday, a Chinese company donated beer as part of food aid to a hunger-ravaged village in Tiaty.

The Chuanshan international mining company donated 300 bags of maize, 20 cartons of cooking oil and 20 cartons of a Chinese-made beer.